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Bio-Cell Screening


What Is a Bio-Cell Screening?

Also known as blood microscopy, bio-cell screenings are performed by CBRI certified technicians to provide real-time observation of your blood and cellular conditions.

Bio-cell screenings last about an hour, give or take. A very small blood sample is taken painlessly with a quick prick of a finger. Using a high-powered microscope and computer monitor, the cellular terrain of your blood is observed by you & your microscopist and documented. Following your screening, you will be given a report which will feature labeled pictures of points of interest in the cellular conditions observed. This report can be interpreted by a CBRI healthcare professional partner to provide recommendations for how to improve your health, just like a lab report.


Bio-cell screenings are most valuable when you do more than one over a period of time, which gives you the ability to compare reports and learn how you are responding to changes made. Tracking changes in your cellular health between screenings can provide immediate feedback to implemented health protocols and positive reinforcement for the action you are taking to improve your health. CBRI recommends that screenings are done monthly in times of health crisis, and quarterly under normal health conditions where less extreme healing & change is needed.


Everyone, regardless of health status or age, can take part in and benefit from a bio-cell screening. No preparation or fasting is necessary. Simply come as you are and track your cells so you can track your health.


Why Should I Get A Bio-Cell Screening?

Bio-cell screenings can help you identify and detect many issues found in your blood that can be used to diagnose underlying health concerns. Many specific areas of interest relating to one’s health may be observed during bio-cell screenings, including:

enzyme deficiencies

electrolyte deficiencies

poor oxygen circulation

various forms of anemia

damaged erythrocytes

simple & complex fatty acid formations

inflammation markers

infections/ co-infections; mycoplasma, anaplasma,

various forms & life-stages of: bacteria, yeasts, fungi, & molds

viral evidence

various organ systems stress markers

methylation responses

effects of stress-related hormones

hormone deficiency responses

various immune responses

hyperkalemia markers

heavy metals/ chemical toxicity

regenerative healing evidence

healthy blood cells, plasma, biosis, detoxification

and more…


“Amazing that I could, literally, see the effects the changes in my diet & supplements was making... because, with my own eyes, I could see how these shifts affected my blood... I could see my hydration level in my blood cells increase and the metals and candida lessen.... Wow!”  -E.P. - GRAPHIC DESIGNER

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