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Client Goals


Body Cleanse/Flush

It is usually recommended to do a dietary cleanse at the start of your program which may take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. But every client is different. Some have never done a cleanse before so they will have to start very gently. We can work together to figure out what is best for you.

Weight Management 

One of your goals might be weight loss, or for some, weight gain. The weight management program is based on what is realistic for you. If you cannot exercise due to a disabiity or just don’t want to start right now, we can look at other options and discuss your food intake, increase your blood circulation or improve muscle mass. If you are capable and willing to exercise we can create a moderate exercise program that suits your individual comfort level. 

Decreasing Inflammation

Inflammation is one major cause for common ailments such as: arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, etc. which can contribute to stiffness and pain. Controlling inflammation is predominantly a food-based process and learning what foods are important to eliminate or include in your diet can be the key to improvement.

Gut Health

 Many say,  “It all begins in the gut.”  This is all about improving your microbiome. Digestive enzymes and probiotics function in a complementary way. Think of it like this: Probiotics affect the environment of your digestive system, while digestive enzymes support the actual process of digestion. Both are needed for a balanced microbiome for optimal health.

Alleviating Stress 

Stress can contribute to all kinds of health issues; difficulty sleeping, lack of focus, skin & hair problems, gut issues, you name it. Stress is often treated holistically, sometimes utilizing various techniques involving: improved diet, increased mobility, massage, meditation or prayer, breathing techniques, etc. 

Improving Sleep Patterns

Herbal remedies, medicinal teas, natural supplements, sunshine and pre-slumber preparation tips are all considered, depending upon your daily habits.

Managing Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels are linked to deficiencies in minerals like chromium and magnesium which regulate blood sugar. Increasing certain foods while eliminating others can be the key to lowering your blood sugar naturally.

Overall Health & Feeling Better

Most of us just want to feel better! At times we can feel sluggish, foggy, or even depressed. Believe it or not, there are simple, immediately accessible things that can help; like more sunshine, increased hydration and circulation; whether it's achieved through exercise, rebounding, an affordable vibration platform, electro-magnetic therapy or just a simple 1-3 day cleanse, these things can make a difference in our overall wellbeing.  Many of us worry about our health and rightfully so, but it isn't always as complicated as we think. For some of us, just making a few changes can make a world of difference!


“DeLys took the time to really listen to where I was at and helped set goals that I was able to attain. She kept it simple and it's working. Thank you DeLys!"

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.”  ~KAREN LAMB

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