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Holistic Methods


Bio-Cell Screening (Microscopy)

$175 session (may require follow-up consultation)

Using a high powered digital microscope, we can observe the condition of your blood. This allows us to become aware of the conditions and current health of your cellular biology. We can then suggest various options accordingly. Believe it or not, many markers can be found in just one drop of blood!


Following your screening, you will receive a comprehensive report, which will feature labeled pictures of points of interest in the cellular conditions observed. Once this report is received, you can track the patterns of your cellular health through follow-up screenings.


To find out more, see the page about Bio-Cell Research.

Bio-Electro-Magnetic Therapy (BEMER) Sessions

One 8-minute session FREE with each private consultation visit 

$20 pre-programmed session or package of 10 for $150 

You can book an hour-long appointment for Just BEMER Therapy for only $50! Three 20-minute pre-programmed sessions include 3x with the BEMER on your targeted zones using customized settings. Each visit also includes pre-hydration mix + post hydration mix along with meditative audio or music.  These sessions are targeted to relax the mind and body and circulate the blood to the micro capillaries for advanced healing advantages.  

Ionic Foot Bath (Cleanse)  

$30 per session or package of 5 for $100 - subject to availability

30-minute sessions are used to draw out impurities and help detox your body in order to give you a fresh start to achieving better health. The results can also be used to assess changes that can be made to improve your results for subsequent visits. 

Vibration Plate Therapy

Five 10-minute sessions for $50 

Some research shows that whole-body vibration may help improve muscle strength and may help with weight loss when paired with an improved diet. The vibration plate is also thought to raise energy levels in some individuals and increase lymphatic drainage by improving circulation.


“My diabetes was out of control! I have been coached by DeLys as to nutritional common-sense advice that has resulted in my blood sugars to now be “under control” and I take less insulin. She is an excellent teacher for not only nutritional guidance, but she also understands the importance of exercise.  DeLys has improved my life nutritionally, physically and spiritually.” ~ KATHY H. - RETIRED PARALEGAL

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