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Customized Services

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STEP 1 - 20 Minute Phone Consultation


This phone call is so we can connect and I can hear what you need the most.  Please take a few minutes to look through this site. I look forward to working with you to discuss options that will best suit your needs.

If you want to move forward then you can fill out an easy questionnaire (see below). This will assist with creating a customized plan. This is FREE so call me! If it's a fit, great! If now is not the best time, then maybe later… Be proud that you are taking steps in the right direction to take care of yourself. I am here when you are ready!

STEP 2 - Custom Questionnaire


Simply click on the button to fill in a simple 5-minute questionnaire. This will help me better understand how you are doing and what you want to achieve. (A printed version also available, just call and I’m happy to mail it to you!)

STEP 3 - Nutritional Assessment

$75 - 45-60 minute phone consultation  (Please Note: this is after we have had a 20-minute call and I've had a chance to look over the answers to the questions).

Understanding your biology and reviewing your daily habits by briefly evaluating  answers together, we can gauge how we approach your specific goals and discuss what might work best for you. At this appointment we can also discuss additional add-ons that will make your in-person experience more valuable. This follow-up phone call can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. 

The options below are additional steps if you would like to move forward. We will determine, together, what will work best for your situation. You may want to start with just one option, or sign up for a package that can include a customized program over a period of time.


Bio-Cell Screening by a certified Bio-Cell Technician 

$175 each screening

Bio-Cell Screenings ( blood microscopy) allows us to observe a drop of blood under a high-powered microscope and create a report, researching various techniques and documentation, in order to help us become aware of the cellular conditions that can have an effect on your general health. Periodic screenings allow us to observe and track responses to changes in your health and lifestyle. Bio-Cell Screenings are a valuable visual tool!

Client History Interview (Deep Dive)

$250 for first 2-hours - $75 each additional hour

This 2-hour in-depth consultation includes: evaluating your current state; Reviewing your Bio-Cell Screening™ (if applicable), taking measurements (if necessary) creating short and long-term goals, discussing your past successes and failures, creating a plan and setting up a check-in schedule for accountability. In addition, depending on your needs, it may also include a BEMER Session (electro-magnetic therapy) and/or a session on the vibration plate, which can stimulate your metabolism and lymph system. 

Nutritional Guidance & Supplementation

$150 per hour  (if added to previous options - $75 an hour) 

Assessed with questionnaire, interview and the Bio-Cell Screening follow-up report


Traditional Herbal Remedies

Vitamin /Mineral Supplements  

Food Menus

Hydration Calendar

Exercise Goals

Pantry Powwow 

$150-200 - one-time 2-3 hour visit 

Our meeting can either take place at your home (within a 20-mile radius of Orange County), or we could meet at your favorite local grocery store. This visit includes going through your favorite food items to learn about what you like, learn how to read labels and be aware of what to look out for and possibly avoid. Also become familiar with common ingredients and make a list of suggestions that you can incorporate on a regular basis that will assist you in maintaining good eating habits.

Follow-up Consultations 

$100 - per hour (or less... if included in a package) 

Weekly or monthly check-ins, in person or on the phone, based on your needs or package you have chosen – to help keep you on track for your future goals. (When you visit my office, some add-ons are included)

Packages make a lot of sense for people. A-la-carte is a great way to test the waters, but if you want to save money and make an on-going commitment to yourself, a 3-6 month package works great! Check out the samples below. We would, of course, create a custom package just for you.


Full Consult Package 


$900 Package Price  - $1,375 Value

After completing Step 1) 20-minute phone consultation & Step 2) completing the questionnaire; Sample Package includes:  Initial Nutritional Assessment ($75), 2-hour Client History Interview ($250), 2-hour Nutritional Guidance & Supplemental Advice ($300), 2-hour Pantry Powwow ($150) and Six 1-hour follow-up Consultations every 2 weeks ($600)

Service & Methods Package 


$1,200 Package Price  $2,100 Value

Includes Full Consult Package (see above) plus Two Bio-Cell Screenings ($350), Two 1-hour Blood Assessment follow-ups ($200), Five BEMER Sessions ($100), Five 10-minute Vibration Plate therapy sessions ($50) and your choice of either a Superfood beverage or herbal tea at every office visit.

Call DeLys to discuss the best plan for you. 


"Working with DeLys changed my life!
I was resistant at first, even stubborn, but she had the patience of a saint. Her compassionate weekly calls got me through some difficult times and I am changed human since working with her the past year. I recommend DeLys highly!" 
- JP - single mom

“Half the costs of illness are wasted on conditions that could be prevented.”  –Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

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